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Annual Events

At a Four-Star Preschool Provider, Every Student Learns to Shine
At  Pequenos Pasos, each school year is dotted with memorable performances, photoshoots, dress-up days, art shows, and other events that draw audiences of family members and other students.
These special days are more than just a fun way to reward the children and their progress; it is a way that each classroom can share what they have been learning with the rest of the school while giving parents the chance to see what students have accomplished. 
Here are some of the annual events which Pasos students build up to before bringing their work to life while building skills and confidence.

Literacy Days

Classrooms get creative every October, taking to the stage with elaborate sets and costumes from their books and readings.

Cultural Celebrations
Students focus on renown world cultures leading up to the fantastic week when they travel the globe.
To review photos from previous events to find you or you little one, browse the albums on the ASPIRA Inc. of Pennsylvania Flickr page by event and date.