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Our Story

The curriculum at Pequeños Pasos was born out of the idea that preschool can be a significant stepping-stone for learning at an early age. Our program incorporates rigorous vocabulary and knowledge while meeting the standards of Pennsylvania for Early Childhood and Common Core learning. Teachers and staff form relationships with the families of their students. All Pasos scholars have the advantage of:Highly engaged teachers who learn their students’ backgrounds to better advocate on their behalf and work with assigned Family Service WorkersResearch-based teaching and learning within a dynamic social environment helps prepares students for later educationReal-life, community diversity, with many ethnicities in the student populationSchool-modeled learning environment, not daycare service.


The mission of Pequeños Pasos goes beyond creating a daily social environment as a precursor to elementary school. We aim to develop the whole child by furthering the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development of our young scholars. Pasos is where all scholars enjoy learning, respect teachers, value cultural diversity, show concern for others, and resolve conflict fairly and peacefully. We believe that the road to becoming a happy, productive adult begins very early and that our work can foster positive change in the communities we serve. By empowering children to fulfill their potential at their pace, we help close the achievement gap by creating critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and lifelong learners.


Pasos was recently awarded its fourth star from Keystone STARS, the rating agency for Pre-K providers from Pennsylvania's Office of Child Development and Early Learning.