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Parents are very important for the success of our approach to learning and child development. The aspects of life and development which we aim to strengthen lead right back home, so Pasos works best when parents attend regular meetings and events, form relationships with teachers, and become engaged in their child’s education. We welcome parents who recognize the value of quality Pre-K and how schools like Pasos can benefit from a strong community. 


Pasos is a Head Start Center, from the Office of Early Childhood Learning, and Head Start has made great information available regarding what parents can do for their child's Pre-K provider. Visit Head Start's Family Engagement Page to learn more. 

Families who join Pasos Preschool receive a copy of the Family Handbook, so they can become familiar with the policies and procedures in place to help everyone have a successful school year. The booklet is printed in both Spanish and English.

Volunteering at Pasos Preschool
Parents are encouraged to volunteer on an occasional basis to familiarize themselves with school life at Pasos. 
In order to volunteer, please review the DHS Volunteer Fact Sheet by clicking the link below.