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Pre-K Bilingual Learning

As the parent or guardian of a very young student, you may have questions regarding what impact their Pre-K experience will have on their language abilities. If you come from a bilingual family, perhaps your student is much further ahead in either English or Spanish, while they're still learning the basics of the other.

Pasos is a blingual (Spanish/English) Pre-K provider which also prides itself on its multi-cultural environment. Because so many of our staff members are bilingual, this means we can accomdate your child no matter what their level(s) in either language. Language abilities are covered with parents during the application process, and this helps us relay your child's situation to their teacher, should they be accepted and enrolled in the school.

For one of many great examples regarding Pre-K students thriving with more than one language at Pasos Preschool, read the article below from the ASPIRA ZipCode School & Community Newspaper. View the latest full issues of the ZipCode on the ASPIRA website here.